Qatar reaffirms support for Turkey's anti

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Turkey, an adjacent ally to Qatar since the Gulf crisis has erupted on June 5, launched the "Operation Olive Branch" against Kurdish militia on the Turkish-Syrian border on Saturday.

DOHA, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- Qatar reaffirmed its support for Turkey's right to defend its security against Kurdish militia in Syria, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported Wednesday.

Turkey, a leading NATO member, has always been a stabilizing and balancing factor in the region, she noted.

Turkey said a long time ago that it was going to unleash an offensive against the Kurdish People's Protection Units and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in northern Syria.

"Qatar reaffirms its support for the efforts of Turkey to maintain its national security in the wake of the breaches and terrorist attacks carried out inside Turkish territories," said Qatar's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Lulwah al Khater.

The Qatari official also called on all actors in the Syrian crisis to reach "permanent solutions" which can bring "justice for the Syrian people and hold accountable those who committed crimes."